“We raise the quality of life of everyone we touch.”

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At Quality Education Academy this is the value that guides our Athletic Department.


As a strong part of our school we believe that, through a consistent focus on excellence - both on and off the field - we actively engaged in shaping well rounded leaders of the future.


We work in unanimity with QEA administration to maximize the development of our scholar athletes into responsible, confident, hard working individuals.


QEA Athletics - Setting a New standard

Conference Information

Quality Education Academy is a member of the Carolina Athletic Association for Schools of Choice (CAASC) and participates in the Greater Piedmont Athletic Conference (GPAC) which is currently made up of Bradford Academy, College Preparatory and Leadership Academy, Hayworth Christian Academy, Noble Academy, and Oak Ridge Military Academy.

Mr. Devane Woodruff

Sports Director

336-744-7138 Ext. 2004


Mr. Alex Winters

Assistant Sports Director

336-744-7138 Ext. 2004


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